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The United States is a country located in North America bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Neighboring countries are Canada and Mexico. The geography of the United States is varied with mountains in the west, a broad central plain and low mountains in the east. The government system is a constitution-based federal republic with a strong democratic tradition. The chief of state and head of government is the President. United States has an advanced mixed economy in which there is a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation.

With CHL WORLDWIDE MOVERS, you can be rest assured that all your goods would reach safely and with minimum hassles. Your satisfaction is our aim and with over a decade’s experience in this domain, we serve you better.
We shall  assist you right from the time you move out of your old home till you settle  down in your new one -  USA.

Several families have benefited from our services be it any corner of the globe they were shifting to or returning back from. Be it by air or by the sea, whatever mode of movement you choose, you can rely on us for safely carrying all your stuff. Right from packaging the goods to ensuring their safety to dealing with customs and insurance formalities and finally shipping and unpacking, we serve you throughout the process.

Our expertise and technical knowhow is unparalleled. Hence, you can trust us with all your good ranging from sophisticated antiques to bulky furniture. We guarantee you the best in class shipping services that ensure your goods are delivered unharmed to their destination. We are professionals in the field so you can let us tackle with all the challenges of shifting without hindering your engagements.

Our task force specializes in imports and exports. We exhibit the utmost care in packaging and securing your goods as safely and avoidance of loss is our top priority. Our expert removal managers provide you with insightful guidance during the entire movement process to eliminate all you tensions. Thus, all you need to do is give us a call and we shall handle the rest for you.

The services we offer:

  • Boxes Only – We offer a well-managed ‘Boxes Only’ service.
  • Part Load – If you don’t have a full load to fill up an entire shipping container, we can still ship it out for you.
  • Full Load – Entire shipping containers with sizes of 20 feet or 40 feet to choose from.
  • Packing – A range of comprehensive packing services.
  • Part Packing – Vast experience in packing fragile items with utmost care.
  • Export Wrapping – To protect your possessions for the long journey ahead.
  • Crate Building – Mainly for artworks and fragile items that need the extra protection.

Standard Shipping Documents

  • Copy of your passport picture page.
  • Your delivery address and contact number.
  • Packing list or inventory – this is to be provided if you are shipping self-packed boxes. A brief description of the contents in the box will suffice. If you engage our packing service, our crew will complete this documentation for you.
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