Our Rates

At CHL WORLDWIDE MOVERS, our focus lies in giving you the best services at the most optimized prices with absolutely no overheads. We believe in taking client satisfaction a step ahead by ensuring client delight through well thought out pricing that does not charge you a penny extra of what you get from us.

We have designed our rates based on certain parameters so that you get the maximum value out of our services. The moving rates that you pay us in return for our services are subject to guiding factors which determine your extent of demand. The parameters that are considered include, for examples, values like the distance of movement, the size and the weight of the total shipment and the mode of transportation that is used.  Besides this the type of delivery selected, various insurance options, the goods and service taxes that are levied and the respective port or custom handling fees, if they are applicable, at also taken into notice.

We assure you maximum clarity in all pricing matters. All our charges are clearly listed down in the price quote that we provide. We also make it a point to explain all the details and clarify all your doubts before you actually make payments. We levy NO hidden destination charges at all. We are thus committed to giving you the best value for money through our great movement and shipping rates.

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